Recommended spare parts for common Edge-Sweets Company machines.
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2-3/8IN Table Wheel - Front 2-3/8IN Table Wheel - Side

2-3/8IN Table Wheel

2-3/8" [60mm] OD Nylon Table Wheel OUTER DIAMETER : 2-3/8ININNER DIAMETER : 1-15/16INBORE : 1INWIDTH : 7/8INAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : A-1, A-2, CL, EL, GL, HL, LVR, TWT-45, Model 10, F-24
16IN Wheel Wire - Front 16IN Wheel Wire - Side

16IN Wheel - Wire

16 Inch aluminum abrasive wire wheel. DIAMETER : 16INWIDTH : .5INAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : PMIII, VPW, DPW

Blade Guide - Vertical

NONE RETURNABLE SPECIAL ORDER ITEM *Certain Stripper Guide sizes MUST be purchased through Edge-Sweets Parts. If a guide is in-stock, but you can't checkout call 616-453-5458 [Part Number] : [Width] X...
3IN X 1-1/2IN X 20MM Grinding Cup - Front 3IN X 1-1/2IN X 20MM Grinding Cup - Side

3IN X 1-1/2IN X 20MM Grinding Cup

Bearing Assembly - Side View Bearing Assembly - Top View

Bearing Assembly

110320060 LENGTH : 1.31INOUTER DIAMETER : 0.75INTHREAD : 5/16-18 UNC-2AAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : EL-3, EL-4, GL-3, CL-2, A-2, TWT-45, LVR-2, LVR-3, CL-3PN, CL-4PN

Stripper Guide Jaw & Shim Assembly

210920191 Jaws Assembly [Pair] : 210440051 + 210440050Shim [0.025IN] : 110940290 JAW LENGTH : 2.38INSHIM THICKNESS : 0.025IN APPLICABLE MACHINERY : SHR 60-20, HT 51-88, EL-4, WHDS-54, WHDS-62, HT-C-51-118, HT-C-60-118, HT-C-60-88, HT...
M3X0.5 Set Screw - Single M3X0.5 Set Screw - 5 Pack

M3X0.5 Nylon Tipped Set Screw (sold individually)

M3X0.5 Nylon tipped set screws, (qty 1) APPLICABLE MACHINERY : HT-C-60-88, HTX 51-88, HTX 60-88, HTX-C-60-118, HP 50-88, HPX 50-88, VP 50-88, VPX 50-88, AVX
Idler Shaft for 16IN Wheel - Front Idler Shaft for 16IN Wheel - Side

Idler Shaft - 16IN Wheel

Idler Shaft for 16IN Wheel DIAMETER : .9IN-.7INLENGTH : 3.94INAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : AV-3, AV-4, AV-5, LVR-1, LVR-2, LVR-3, LVR-4, LVR-6, LVR-7, LVR-8, LVR-10, LVR-11, F-24, F-30, TWT-45, G-60, 50-88, HT 51-88, AVX, HT-C-60-88, HT-C-60-118

ESCO Machine Lubrication Kit

ESCO Machine Lubrication Kit #214320630 CONTENTS :- Grease Gun #799100051- Grease Injection Needle #727600012- Grease Injection Needle #727600013- Slipstick Multi-Purpose Grease, 15oz Cartridge X2 #799100077 APPLICABLE MACHINERY : PMIII, DPW, VPW, HPX,...
12IN Wheel - Blade with Lip 12IN Wheel - Blade with Lip

12IN Wheel - Blade with Lip

12 Inch aluminum wheel with lip on urethane tire  DIAMETER : 12INBORE : 2.50INWIDTH : 1.13IN APPLICABLE MACHINERY : AVB 60-96

Guide Slide Silicone Fluid - Food Grade

Food Grade Guide Slide Silicone is for reducing the friction between blade guide and polyurethane foam. Suitable for manual and automatic sprayers. Use liberally as needed.  *55 Gallon Size MUST be...
Front Bearing Assembly - Side View

Front Bearing Assembly

UPDATED High-speed steel guide wheel with snap ring and v-groove for blade edge. Assembly has been updated to allow for easier installation and blade calibration. Front Bearing Assembly 1136201170 replaces V-Guide...