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ESCO - Fine Cutting Wire

ESCO - Fine Cutting Wire. Fine coarseness abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting flexible polyurethane foams and expanded resins. COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Flexible PU foam, expanded resinsDIAMETER : 1.3MM [0.051IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High carbon content steel...

ESCO - Coarse Cutting Wire

ESCO - Coarse Cutting Wire. High coarseness abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting extruded polystyrene foams. COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Extruded polystyrene [XPS], Foamular®, Styrofoam®DIAMETER : 1.5MM [0.059IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High carbon content steel

ESCO - Medium Cutting Wire

ESCO - Medium Cutting Wire. Medium coarseness abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting rigid expanded foams. COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Rigid foams, rigid expanded polyurethane, expanded polystyrene [XPS]DIAMETER : 1.4MM [0.055IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High Carbon Content Steel

ESCO - Extra Coarse Cutting Wire

ESCO - Extra Coarse Cutting Wire. Extra Coarse abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting rebonded foams COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Rebonded FoamsDIAMETER : 1.8 MM [0.070 IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High Carbon Content Steel

ESCO - Wool Cutting Wire

ESCO - Wool Cutting Wire. Mineral wool abrasive wire. Recommended for mineral wool, rock wool, slag wool, glass wool. COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Owens Corning Thermafiber®, Roxul Rockwool®DIAMETER : 1.5MM [0.059IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High Carbon...

ESCO - Glass Cutting Wire

ESCO - Glass Cutting Wire. Tungsten, cellular glass abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting foamglas® (cellular glass). COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Foamglas®, Cellular glassDIAMETER : 1.5MM [0.059IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : Tungsten

ESCO - Phenolic Cutting Wire

ESCO - Phenolic Cutting Wire. Phenolic resin abrasive wire. Recommended for cutting phenolic resins. COMMONLY PROCESSED MATERIALS : Bakelite®, Arofene®, Milex®DIAMETER : 1.4MM [0.055IN] (Average Diameter)EXTERNAL WRAPPING : High Carbon Content Steel