Recommended spare parts for Edge-Sweets F-3W lab-scale vertical foam band saw

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Stripper Guide Jaw & Shim Assembly

210920191 Jaws Assembly [Pair] : 210440051 + 210440050Shim [0.025IN] : 110940290 JAW LENGTH : 2.38INSHIM THICKNESS : 0.025IN APPLICABLE MACHINERY : SHR 60-20, HT 51-88, EL-4, WHDS-54, WHDS-62, HT-C-51-118, HT-C-60-118, HT-C-60-88, HT...

ESCO Machine Lubrication Kit

ESCO Machine Lubrication Kit #214320630 CONTENTS :- Grease Gun #799100051- Grease Injection Needle #727600012- Grease Injection Needle #727600013- Slipstick Multi-Purpose Grease, 15oz Cartridge X2 #799100077 APPLICABLE MACHINERY : PMIII, DPW, VPW, HPX,...
12IN Wheel - Idler 12IN Wheel - Idler

12IN Wheel - Idler

12 Inch aluminum idler wheel with urethane tire DIAMETER : 12INBORE : 5/8IN BearingWIDTH : 1.13INAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : 40SF, 40AF, A-2, A-1, 90F, F-3W, CL-1, CL-2, CL-3, CL-4, CL-2PN, CL-3PN, CL-4PN, CL-3P, EL-1, EL-2, EL-3, EL-4, EL-2P, EL-3P, GL-2, GL-3,...
3/4IN Flange Bearing - Top 3/4IN Flange Bearing - Side

3/4IN Flange Bearing

3/4IN Flange Bearing Mounted ball bearings use the field proven PROGUARD land-riding contact seal with steel shield protection This highly effective positive seal design assures uniform lip contact with the inner...
WC88007 Guide Bearing - Front WC88007 Guide Bearing - Side

WC88007 Guide Bearing

WC88007 Guide Bearing BORE : 0.275IN [7MM]OUTER DIAMETER : 0.945IN [24MM]RATING : ABEC 1APPLICABLE MACHINERY : F-3W, 90-F, 40-AF, 40-SF, F-24
SR266 Bearing - Front SR266 Bearing - Side

SR266 Bearing

Idler Adjustment Lock Screw - Side View

Idler Adjustment Lock Screw

3/8-16 Hex Head Bolt, 1-3/16IN length. DIAMETER : 3/16INLENGTH : 1-3/16INTHREAD : 3/8-16APPLICABLE MACHINERY : CL-2, EL-2, GL-2, HL-2, CL-3, EL-3, GL-3, HL-3, CL-4, EL-4, GL-4, HL-4, LVR-1, A-2, F-3W  

Idler Spindle Adjustment Lock Screw

210940151 3/8-16 Hex Head Bolt, 7IN length. DIAMETER : 3/16INLENGTH : 7INAPPLICABLE MACHINERY : AV-2, AV-3, AV-4, AV-5, AV-6, LVR-1, LVR-3, LVR-5, LVR-6, LVR-7, LVR-8, LVR-10, F-24, F-30, 50-88, 60-88, 60-36, 60-96, 10-36,...
12IN Wheel - Blade Drive 12IN Wheel - Blade Drive

12IN Wheel - Blade Drive

12 Inch aluminum drive wheel with lip on urethane tire  DIAMETER : 12INBORE : 3/4IN Drive BushingWIDTH : 1.13IN APPLICABLE MACHINERY : A-2, 40SF, 40AF, F-3W, EL-1, EL-2, EL-3, EL-4, HL-3, HL-4, CL-1, CL-2, CL-2PN, CL-3, CL-3P,...